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  • no166頭號玩家游戲官方(Xinjiang Modern Specialty Oil Products Technology CO.,Ltd.下稱“公司”)創立于19987月,20108月以整體變更方式改制為股份制企業,公司注冊資本20030萬元,主要生產經營潤滑油及特種油品、基礎油、燃料油、溶劑油、添加劑及汽車化學品等300余種產品,是疆內最早從事石油化工深加工的科技型企業。作為高新技術企業、自治區重點培育擬上市企業、烏魯木齊創新型企業、烏魯木齊知識產權創建單位、自治區企業技術中心、烏魯木齊基礎油工程技術中心、國家火炬計劃項目承建單位,經過近二十年的發展運營,在科研、生產、銷售和服務方面,已成為疆內最大的潤滑油生產企業之一。



           Xinjiang Modern Specialty Oil Products Technology CO.,Ltd.is the earliest technological enterprise engaged in deep processing of petrochemical products in Xinjiang. As the first batch of key enterprises in Xinjiang to be listed、 high-tech technological enterprise was founded in 1998, the company has experienced a running operation development of more than ten years and extended its business to many provinces、municipalities and autonomous regions as well as Central Asian countries and regions through its relevant branches、solely-funded companies and holding company in the respects of petrochemical scientific research、production、marketing and services. The company has 450 employees , in which many of them are engineers, technicians and doctors. Upholding the investment strategies of long run interests and prudence, the company is devoted to developing and applying advanced technologies, continuously pursuing perfect operating and management and endeavors to obtain the leading role in the industry.

           Modern Specialty Oil Products Technology CO.,mainly produces more than 300 types of products such as lubricants & Specialities、base oil, fuel oil, solvent, additives and chemical products for motors. At present, it has already possessed the capacity of joint production and processing 300, 000 /TPY ,and already realized the breakthrough in the technical service for overseas petroleum refining and chemical industry.The products are widely used in the key fields such as motors、motorcycles、engineering machineries、agricultural machineries、petrochemical industry、metallurgy、irons and general manufacturing, etc.
    Modern Specialty Oil Products Technology CO., has newly built two new sets of 300,000 TPY Catalytic Dewaxing /Lubricants joint production Devices in Xinjiang. And the chemical products structures will get greatly progressed and the productivity will be significantly enhanced upon the completeness of the two projects; The implementation of the acquisition of an oil field in the offshore ,the company has newly built a new 1,000,000 /TPY Petroleum and Chemical Device Project, which forms a long term steady supply passage of raw materials; the total capacity will increase to 3,000,000/ TPY in the future three years upto 2016 and will establish production plants and marketing branches at domestic and Central Asian countries and regions.
    The company owns patent technology of self intellectual property rights: several technical fruits of OCP viscosity index improving agent, high temperature polyurea grease、catalytic dewaxing process、and cotton picker spindle oil products, etc which are all developed by itself and these filled the gaps in Xinjiang ,and even in China.
           Modern Specialty Oil Products Technology CO., is devoted to becoming a leading petroleum and petrochemical company in the industry of petrochemicals. In pursuant of this goal, we must keep in line with the highest professional standards, continuously optimize and make creation in financial and operation aspects and run our business through the attitude of Earning Profits and Shouldering Responsibilities; we ensure to insist on the concept of satisfying the changeable requirements of customers and provide competitive top quality products and service; we will try our best to employ and retain the excellent talents and make full opportunities to train and develop our talents for the development of the company to the maximum degree. We make a commitment to create a safe working environment, where the staff with different background work together, communicate with each other in an open manner and treat to each other with full trust and equity; and we will follow the moral norms and laws as well as regulations in the highest standards to conduct our business in a manner of safety and friend environment.

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